2012 Chicago Food Film Festival
Official Selections Announced

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The Chicago Food Film Festival returns to Chicago this year with 17 films, including 4 never-before-seen films and one United States premiere. Produced in association with the James Beard Foundation and benefiting The Good Food Project, the Festival will run November 15-17, 2012.

More details on the full schedule of events and ticket sales are coming soon so stay tuned for the latest news!

And now, we are pleased to share the Official Selections…


10,000 Cases
Dir. Craig Noble, 4 minutes, World Premiere
The entire harvest of a single British Columbia winemaker squeezed into two minutes.

Artisan Baker
Dir Una Morera, 8 min, Chicago Premiere
Weaving philosophy with his love of food, a third generation Italian artisan baker discusses crafting and consuming food made with love.


Vegetables: Friend or Foe?
Dir. Grady Hendrix, 6 minutes
What are vegetables? Are they here to help us or harm us? Is it true that tomatoes grow best when fertilized with human blood? Dirt Candy examines the many myths surrounding vegetables, showing us their lighter, and darker, sides using bad animation, clumsy diagrams, and pseudoscience.

Farmer Poet
Dir Dan Fisher, Becky Liscum, Gail Grasso, 3:30 min, Chicago Premiere
Meet Harry Carr, an organic livestock farmer and poet.

Fish Fry Night Milwaukee
Dir. Ron Faiola, Chicago Premiere
A film about the history and tradition of the Friday Night Fish Fry and the people who create them.

Food Porn
Dir. Charles Grantham, 2:44 minutes, Chicago Premiere
Larry Cauldwell takes food porn to the next level… depending on your point of view, this may or may not be a good thing.

Fries + Ice Cream
Dir Potluck Creative, 2 min, World Premiere
On a nightly basis, the chefs over at EL ideas are inventing new ways to challenge their guests’ pallets. Following owner and head chef, Philip Foss, as he tells the story of his now signature dish “Fries + Ice Cream” from inspiration to plating.


Mama Sugar’s Sweet Potato Cobbler
Dir Keeley Steenson, 4:05 min, Chicago Premiere
Mama Sugar, matriarch of the Sugar Shack Trailblazers and country cooking extraordinaire, shares a lost recipe from her youth in East Texas – sweet potato cobbler.
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Mexican Cuisine
Dir Fran Guijarro, 4 min, Chicago Premiere
In California, the state with the largest Latino immigrant population in the country, there is a cuisine that has a deeper meaning.
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Mickle’s Pickle
Dir Nathan Willis, 9 min, Chicago Premiere
Mickle’s Pickle tells the story of a small town pickle shop, its eccentric owner, and the theft of the store’s beloved icon.
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Mozzarella Inc.
Dir Matan Rochlitz, 22min, World Premiere
A former trance DJ and an ex club promoter are providing London’s restaurants with the freshest Buffalo mozzarella on the market; They won’t stop at anything to be the best. Even if it costs them their friendship.
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One Macaron At A Time
Dir James Reford, 4:59 min, World Premiere
Patrick Léze had been a pastry chef in France for close to forty years. He moved to Palm Beach four years ago and brought with him his best recipes, including one for a favorite pastry of his – that much to his surprise was not available in town.  He is working to change that one macaron at a time.

Dir Tammy Marlowe Johnson, 19 min, US Premiere
Pierogi, Pirohy, Varenyky. Perogy. Whatever you call it … everybody knows ‘em, everybody loves ‘em. These squeezable, delightfully eatable potato-pinched pockets of starchy goodness have transcended their humble Ukrainian beginnings to achieve rock star status among cultural foodstuffs.

Speakeasy Supper-Club
Dir Jason Wallis and Taylor Robinson, 22:56 min, Chicago Premiere
Explore the culinary adventures of Push Start Kitchen in Atlanta, GA.  Follow chef Zach Meloy and his wife Cristina, as they create a dining experience that is not only inspired but exquisite – a “southern speakeasy serving the world, ten people at a time.”
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Sugar Shack
Dir James Boo, Ian Parker, 13:29 min, Chicago Premiere
The Sugar Shack is a Quebecois institution.  Sucrerie de la Montagne is a Quebecois legend.  This documentary short explores the business, culture, heritage and food of a Canadian maple farm at the peak of maple season – as preserved by Pierre Faucher, the most interesting French Canadian man in the world.
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The Audacity of Hope
Dir Cyrus Dowlatshahi, 2:32 min, World Premiere
Dehydrated and hungry, eight men sat in agony aboard a commuter train with over an hour left to go on their journey.  But they were well-trained.  “Yes we can,” they said, and coordinated a pizza delivery to an upcoming train platform.

The Benevolent Baker: Doughnuts
Dir Scott Pitts, 1:38 min, Chicago Premiere
Food porn showcasing an orange-pistachio cake doughnut.

The Benevolent Butcher: Bacon
Dir Scott Pitts, 1:23 min, Chicago Premiere
Bacon porn.

WHISKY: The Islay Edition
Dir Olav Verhoeven, 60 min, Chicago Premiere
This feature documentary transports the viewer to a sanctum of the Scottish gold. It evokes the finesses of the liquor, the art of the tasting, the craft of the distillation, the history of the distilleries and the richness of the isle of Islay itself.