The 3rd Annual Bacon Takedown

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If you don’t know about Matt Timms and his famous Takedowns, it’s time to get yourself acquainted because there will be not one, but two Takedowns during the New York Food Film Festival! That Saturday the Taco Takedown will be happening at Tribeca Cinemas, while Sunday the Bacon Takedown takes over The Bell House in Brooklyn. The Takedowns are competitions based around one common ingredient, contestants can use it whatever way they like just as long as the finished product is edible. This means that anything is possible.
Bacon Cupcakes!!
What simply started as a get-together in Matt’s apartment has evolved to going on national tours including a stop at SXSW last year where Hilah of not only participated, but also filmed a segment at the 2010 Bacon Takedown. This year, the Bacon Takedown is coming home just to be a part of the New York Food Film Festival, and Hilah’s video will be showing at the Bell House to amp up the contestants and eaters. And while contestants get goodies in the form of 15 pounds of bacon, guests will get a Food Film Festival goodie bag. No word on whether it will also include bacon. To buy tickets for the Bacon Takedown, click here.