Di Fara Pizza in Manhattan…

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That’s right.  On Sunday, October 16th you will have the chance to sink your teeth into a one of Di Fara’s famous slices.  Don’t miss out on this extremely rare opportunity to taste this most beloved pizza from Brooklyn in Manhattan at the Di Fara Pizza Lunch.


Domenico DeMarco has been hand-making pies at Di Fara Pizzeria for over 45 years and we are so lucky to have the chance to serve it up to you along with the Manhattan Premiere of Emily Mackenzie’s amazing documentary The Best Thing I Ever Done.


We are also thrilled to dish up the city’s best Bahn Mi from An Choi along with a screening of Bahn and Me from filmmaker Bao Nguyen, as well as fresh-from-the-garden goodies with the screening of Zoe Salnave’s Come to the Table.

The Di Fara Pizza Lunch – it might just be the best thing you have ever done.