The Food Film Festival
New York City 2016

  • AMC Empire 25 234 W42nd St.
    New York City

The Food Film Festival
New York City
October 20 - 23 

Join us for the landmark 10th annual showing of The Food Film Festival in NYC this October! The four-day festival will feature the latest and greatest independent food-films accompanied by a feast of incredible dishes sourced locally and from abroad. Tickets are all-inclusive of food, drink, theatre seating and after-party access. You do not need to make dinner reservations - You will go home full!





Opening Night: Best of a Decade!
Presented by Schweid & Sons

Thursday, October 20th - 7 pm, (VIP Party at 6:15 pm)
VIP $100, GA $75

Opening night features some of the best food films ever featured at The Food Film Festival and the transcendent dishes they highlight. Don’t miss tastes from Amanda Cohen’s Dirt Candy, The Brooklyn Star, Max & Mina’s Ice Cream, andFinissimo Mandorlato from Italy.

Films: Fondue, Fried Pig Tails and Corn, How to Make a Turtle Burger, How to Prepare for a Midwinter Soup Frenzy, Ice Cream Picasso, Mexican Cuisine, Pork Chop, That’s Mandorlato, Vegetables: Friend or Foe?, What’s Virgin Mean, XXX

After-Party featuring a 10-year retrospective of dishes, memories, and Food Film Fest moments.


Edible Adventure #015: The Taste of Louisiana

Friday, October 21st - 8 pm, (VIP Party at 7:15 pm)
VIP $115, GA $85

The 15th installment of the Edible Adventure Series features delectable food films about pickles, pizza, peaches and more!

Films: 1 Minute Meal: Crust Fund, How the Taste of Louisiana was Born, Sweet, Sour, Dill, and everything in Between, The Cobbler and the Diamond, Volcano Bread

After-Party featuring true Louisiana Black Pot gumbo, Boucherie and more. This mashup of traditions will be served up by some of the very best chefs Louisiana has to offer!


The Food Porn Party
Presented by In The Raw

Saturday, October 22nd - 8 pm, (VIP Party at 7:15 pm)
VIP $125, GA $95

The Food Porn Party returns for another steamy night of extreme eats, close-ups, and  a visit from the World’s First Food Porn Star himself - Larry Caldwell.

Films: A Year in the Life, Cous Cous with Mackerel, Napalm Chicken, and more ...

After-Party featuring signature food-burlesque performances, and more.


Eat Japan!

Sunday, October 23rd - 7pm, (VIP Party at 6:15 pm)
VIP $115, GA $85

Experience the sights, smells, and tastes of the unique and unforgettable wonders found only in the brilliantly lit mazes that are Japanese street markets, right here in NYC!

Films: 1 Minute Meal: Into my Alms, Iced Coffee in the Japanese Method, “Sakurada” Zen Chef

After-Party featuring Brooklyn’s own Ramen Master, Chef Keizo Shimamoto and the unofficial king of takoyaki, Chef Karl Palma. Plus, the mysterious “Chef Nigo” who rocked NYC last summer with his mind-blowing Tsukemen pop-up will be serving up one last opportunity to try his masterpiece dish. Will he take off his mask and reveal his identity?!


The Films

1 Minute Meal: Crust Fund
Dir. James Boo, 1:05
This is what three generations of pizza tastes like.

1 Minute Meal: Into My Alms
Dir. James Boo, 1:01
For over thirty years, a group of Buddhist monks in Queens has been forbidden from feeding itself.

A Year in the Life
Dir. Aaron Straight, 10:10, World Premiere
A Year in the Life follows the seasons, from seed to harvest, in Northwest Washington's raspberry country.

Cous Cous with Mackerel
Dir. Massimo Zambiasi, 1:20, World Premiere
In a warm and enveloping atmosphere a delicious recipe is prepared.

Dir. Charles Grantham, 2:51, Charleston, 2014: Food Filmmaker of the Year Award
Food Porn Star Larry Cauldwell returns in a film full of succulent food, sexiness, and Larry! His virility permeates the silver screen and seduces viewers with both his aura and the intrinsic romance…of fondue.

Fried Pig Tails and Corn
Dir. David Sherwin, 3:00
Food Porn Chef Joaquin Baca preparing his Fried Pig Tails and Fried Corn Cob at The Brooklyn Star.

How the Taste of Louisiana was Born     
Dir. Jordan Kahn, 22:01
A comprehensive picture of Cajun and Creole culture largely centered around family, companionship, regional independence and the universal tie that binds – their food.

How to make a Turtle Burger
Dir. Jason Lam, 5:28, Chicago, 2011: Fanny May Food Filmmaker of the Year Award
Director Jason Lam's redneck roommate makes a bacon-wrapped turtle burger.

How to Prepare for a Midwinter Soup Frenzy
Dir. Simon H. Friedman, 4:58
An instructional film, loosely demonstrating the preparation for a Midwinter Soup Frenzy.

Ice Cream Picasso
Dir. Kris Brearton, 4:19
No one is more inventive or as passionate about ice cream as Bruce Becker of Max & Mina's.

Iced Coffee in the Japanese Method     
Dir. James Mann, 1:59
A decadent food porn film about the Japanese method of making iced coffee.

Mexican Cuisine
Dir. Fran Guijaro, 4:08, NYC, 2012: Sun Noodle Best Super Short Film Award; Chicago, 2012: Best Super Short Film Award
In California, the state with the largest immigrant Latino community in the country, there is a cuisine that has a deeper meaning.

Napalm Chicken
Dir. Tati Nguyen, 6:31
Extreme Food Channel presents a video portrait of fanatic chef Yasser Agour making his unique dish a la "Apocalypse Now" called Napalm Chicken.

Pork Chop
Dir. Thomas Barnes, 8:50
A narrative slice of life about a girl in Hong Kong with secret desires.

“SAKURADA” Zen Chef     
Dir. Mr. Hirokazu Kishida, 11:46, World Premiere
During the training of the Zen temple, Mr. Isuzu Sakurada awoke to cook the best soup and became a 2 starred Michelin Chef in Kyoto.

Sweet, Sour, Dill and Everything in Between     
Dir. Justine Miller, 3:35      
Steve Leibowitz is a third-generation pickle maker in a more than 115-year-old pickle company. Learn how it all started and see how they still transform cucumbers into pickles today.    

That’s Mandorlato
Dir. Aromi Creativi, 4:30
Authentic mandorlato comes from Cologna Veneta, a small town close to Verona, Italy. This film shows how a local product is kept alive using technology, but never forgetting tradition.

The Cobbler and the Diamond     
Dir. Jacob Hoyson, 20:08, NYC Premiere         
A down-on-his-luck private eye is torn between his client's search for her missing diamond and his own search for peach cobbler.

Vegetables: Friend or Foe?
Dir. Grady Hendrix, 6:00
What are Vegetables? Are they here to help us or harm us? Dirt Candy examines the many myths surrounding vegetables, showing us their lighter, and darker, sides using bad animation, clumsy diagrams, and pseudoscience.

Volcano Bread     
Dir. Alison Grasso, 3:19, World Premiere
Experience the Icelandic tradition of using geothermal energy to bake rye bread underground.

What’s Virgin Mean?
Dir. Michael Davies, 2:23
Sometimes little questions need big answers…

Dirs. Joe Pacheo and Stavros Stavropoulos, 1:00
Crazy, sexy, canimation set to Klezmer music.

This list is subject to change.