NYC Food Film Festival
Official Selections


And the winners are…

Warsteiner Best Feature Film Award – Meat Hooked!

Jarlsberg Best Short Film Award – Ramen Dreams

Sun Noodle Best Super Short Film Award – Mexican Cuisine

In the Raw Best Food Porn Film Award – Dog Eats Dream

Bloomberg Made In New York Award- Brooklynography

2012 Food Filmmaker of the Year – Liza Mosquito DeGuia

Idle Hands Audience Choice Award – Sugar Shack / Mickle’s Pickle (tie)


10,000 Cases
Dir. Craig Noble, 4 minutes, World Premiere
The entire harvest of a single British Columbia winemaker squeezed into two minutes.

A Taste of Home
Dir. James Reford, 4 minutes, World Premiere
A light-hearted look at a man determined to recapture a taste from his past.

An L.A. Pastrami Story
Dir. Rob Locke, 5:47 minutes, World Premiere
The story of legendary Langer’s Deli in Los Angeles, who some say have been serving the worlds’ best since 1947.

Artisan Baker
Dir. Una Morera, 8 minutes, World Premiere
Weaving philosophy with his love of food, a third generation Italian artisan baker discusses crafting and consuming food made with love.

Bark Butter: Why Every Hot Dog Needs a Little More Pork Fat
Dir. Liza Mosquito de Guia, 7:01 minutes, U.S. Premiere
Meet Josh Sharkey, the co-founder/owner of Bark Hot Dogs, a sustainable fast food restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Bon Appetit
Dir. Beto Nahmad & Alber Fernandez, 14 minutes, U.S. Premiere
What happens when mankind is not hungry? Suddenly our brain starts to wander.
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Brooklynography: Matt & Allison Robicelli
Dir. Allison Grasso, World Premiere
Matt & Allison Robicelli, of famed Brooklyn cupcake company Robicelli’s, take us on a tour of their favorite food spots in their home neighborhood of Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

By the Fireside with Larry: The Zimlet
Dir. Charles Grantham, 3 minutes, World Premiere
“Ron Burgundy meets Martha Stewart” might be the best way to describe Larry Cauldwell. In this hilarious short, he shares his recipe for a drink called “The Zimlet.”

Cook Book
Dir. Martin Briggs-Watson & Andrew William Robb, 6:25 minutes, U.S. Premiere
A hapless bachelor struggles to cook a romantic dinner and gets some unexpected help from his kitchen appliances.

Deep-Fried Tofurky: A Thanksgiving Miracle
Dir. Jason Lam, 3:14 minutes, World Premiere
A deep-fried a Tofurky for Thanksgiving!

Dog Eats Dream
Dir. John Craig Ross, 4:13 minutes, World Premiere
A dog dreams the perfect meal and then makes it a reality.

Farm to Table
Dir. Lindsay Blatt & Paul Taggart, 3:42 minutes, World Premiere
Lantern Fish Media’s short documentary about the Brooklyn restaurant EGG, which produces much of its produce on its own farm.
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Farmer Poet
Dir. Dan Fisher, Becky Liscum & Gail Grasso, 3:30 minutes, World Premiere
Meet Harry Carr, an organic livestock farmer and poet.

Food Porn
Dir. Charles Grantham, 2:44 minutes, World Premiere
Larry Cauldwell takes food porn to the next level… depending on your point of view, this may or may not be a good thing.

Go Shuck, Yourself 
Dir. George Motz, 2:30 minutes, World Premiere
Watch Chef Brad Farmerie shuck an oyster so that you can then go shuck one yourself. A skill everyone should possess.

Hangover Buns
Dir. Kohta Asakura, 4 minutes, World Premiere
Joel and his friends partied too hard last night and now he has a lot of hangovers to cure, so he whips up his version of the best medicine: doughy, fluffy, pork-filled buns.

Hot Wet Goobers
Dir. Joe York, 11:12 minutes
Meet the Hardy Family, of Hardy Farms in Hawkinsville, Georgia. They operate a family peanut farm, and are known all over South Georgia for their boiled green peanut stands.

How to Make Vietnamese Coffee
Dir. Eric Slatkin, 2:42 minutes, NYC Premiere
The simple, informative, and sultry process of making Vietnamese coffee.

Joaquin Baca, “Fried Pig Tails & Fried Corn Cob” Soundbite, Dir. David Sherwin, 3:05 minutes
Sound Bites is an original video feature in which footage of the city’s most badass chefs crafting their signature dishes is paired with tunes from up-and-coming musicians. In this edition we visited The Brooklyn Star in Williamsburg to film chef Joaquin Baca’s whipping up pig tails with corn wheels.

Kasadela Izakaya: The House that Chicken Wings Built
Dir. Liza de Mosquito Guia, 4:42 minutes, U.S. Premiere
Meet Azuki Yamashita, the owner of Kasadela Izakaya in New York City’s East Village, the place to go for an “Addicting” platter of Tebasaki, a very specific style of umami-infused Japanese fried chicken wings.

Mama Sugar’s Sweet Potato Cobbler
Dir. Keeley Steenson, 4 minutes, World Premiere
Mama Sugar, matriarch of the Sugar Shack Trailblazers and country cooking extraordinaire, shares a lost recipe from her youth in East Texas – sweet potato cobbler.

Meat Hooked!
Dir. Suzanne Wasserman, 54 minutes, World Premiere
Meat Hooked! is a documentary film about the rise and fall and rise again of butchers and butchering.

Mexican Cuisine
Dir. Fran Guijarro, 4:08 minutes, NYC Premiere
In California, the state with the largest immigrant Latino community in the country, there is a cuisine that has a deeper meaning.
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Mickle’s Pickle
Dir. Nathan Wills, 9 minutes, NYC Premiere
Mickle’s Pickle tells the story of a small town pickle shop, its eccentric owner, and the theft of the store’s beloved icon.
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New York Cooks for Tohoku
Dir. Anne Madden, World Premiere
In the aftermath of the Tsunami, Chef Daniel Boulud leads New York Chefs David Bouley, Bill Telepan, Francois Payard, Floyd Cardoz, Tadashi Ono, Michael Romano and Craig Koketsu on a goodwill mission to northeastern Japan to prepare an incredible meal for 2500 evacuees.

Pat and Stick’s GREAT BIG Ice Cream Sandwich Adventure
Dir. Rob Locke, 6:05 minutes, US Premiere
The story of an American and an Aussie who had a dream of making ice cream sandwiches in Australia.

Ramen Dreams
Dir. Michael McAteer, 7:30 minutes, World Premiere
One man… leaves it all behind… to follow his Dream… RAMEN! Ramen freak and blogger Keizo Shimamoto follows his “Ramen dream” to a small noodle shop in Tokyo.

Sidesaddle Kitchen:  Vegan Bakery
Dir. Eric Slatkin, 3:04 minutes, NYC Premiere
Laura Miller, owner of Sidesaddle Kitchen, is carving out a new niche in the world of vegan baking.

Sugar Shack
Dir. James Boo & Ian Parker, 12 minutes, World Premiere
The Sugar Shack is a Quebecois institution.  Sucrerie de la Montagne is a Quebecois legend.  This documentary short explores the business, culture, heritage and food of a Canadian maple farm at the peak of maple season – as preserved by Pierre Faucher, the most interesting French Canadian man in the world.
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Sushi, Handcrafted Happiness
Dir. Seonghye Kim, Jun Ogura, 50 seconds, World Premiere
What a beautiful food sushi is…

Tako NY
Dir. Kris Brearton, 10 minutes, World Premiere
The Osaka, Japan street food Takoyaki in New York

Tic Tac Toe Chicken
Dir. Tati Nguyen, 6 mins, World Premiere
A homespun documentary short chronicling the inspiration behind this spicy Brooklyn-born chicken dish, and the love of food and music.

The Benevolent Baker:  Doughnuts
Dir. Scott Pitts, 1:38 minutes, World Premiere
Food porn showcasing an orange-pistachio cake doughnut.

The Benevolent Butcher:  Bacon
Dir. Scott Pitts, 1:23 minutes, World Premiere
Bacon porn.

The Mud and the Blood
Dir. George Motz, 12 minutes
The Mud and the Blood is a short film by George Motz. Collecting and roasting oysters is a specialty of the South and one of the best places to enjoy this Southern treat is the Lowcountry of South Carolina.
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Vegetables: Friend or Foe?
Dir. Grady Hendrix, 6 minutes
What are vegetables? Are they here to help us or harm us? Is it true that tomatoes grow best when fertilized with human blood? Dirt Candy examines the many myths surrounding vegetables, showing us their lighter, and darker, sides using bad animation, clumsy diagrams, and pseudoscience.

WHISKY: the Islay Edition
Dir. Olav Verhoeven, 59:58 minutes, U.S. Premiere
This feature documentary transports the viewer to a sanctum of the Scottish gold. It evokes the finesses of the liquor, the art of the tasting, the craft of the distillation, the history of the distilleries and the richness of the isle of Islay itself.
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Wooly’s Ice: Pimping Out Mad Flavas of Taiwanese-Style Shaved Ice in New York City
Dir. Liza Mosquito de Guia, 5:10 minutes, U.S. Premiere
Three cousins started a one-of-a-kind shaved ice cart in New York City because they couldn’t find the dessert they wanted after travelling to Taiwan.