Seth Unger

executive Producer

A 3rd generation event producer by trade, Seth and his production company, Food Films America, have produced hundreds of events and tv shows around the country. From eclectic music tours and concerts, to broadcast episodics about New York City, Seth's work has led him around the world of entertainment. Born in Miami Beach, Florida in 1975, he worked his 1st event in at the age of 5, serving Budweiser from the side of an 18-wheeler at a massive beach party. He attended the arts-magnet high school New World School of the Arts where he majored in jazz drumming. After graduating from Columbia University in 1997, he's been a part of many successful operations in food, tv and music, including Messenger Records, the Red Hot Organization as well as NYC TV 25, which he created for New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Seth lives on a small farm with his wife and twin daughters, who join him on endless Ramen and Doughnut crawls.

Twitter: FoodFilmAmerica
Instagram: Condimented